4 Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor space is one of the most fun parts of the home to style because the possibilities are endless, but this also means that it can be really hard to know what to choose. Here are 4 tips to help you choose outdoor furniture for your home.

1. Consider what the space will be used for

Are you looking to create a space to entertain large groups of your friends and family, create an oasis away from the stress of life that's just for you, or create a place where your kids can play and have fun? You don't have to stick with one option, in fact, it is possible to create spaces that are multipurpose. However, taking the time to think carefully about what those purposes are will help you figure out exactly what furniture you need, and how best to arrange your space.

2. Consider fabrics and materials

All materials are not made equal when it comes to durability, and this is particularly important when we are talking about outdoor furniture. Some spaces will be in direct sunlight, while some will not, so it is important to consider how durable things need to be in order to survive different conditions. Wood is a classic material that is highly durable and works aesthetically with almost everything, but it does need to be treated if you are keeping it out in the elements. By contrast, fabrics add comfort to your space but are not suited to rain and harsh sun because they are more prone to mould growth, fading, and other issues. If you want fabric furniture, make sure you consider where you are going to put it and if you have somewhere to store it while it's not in use.

3. Consider your storage needs

Very few people consider outdoor storage when planning a space, but we would urge you to think again. If you do want your space to be multi-purpose, you will need to be able to quickly pack away things like cushions and kids' toys, which you can do with handy storage. Something like our Outdoor PE Wicker Storage Box is perfect as an unobtrusive and useful outdoor storage solution.

4. Consider your style

Creating the perfect outdoor space should be fun, so consider the sort of style that you like and what you think could work in the space, and incorporate that with the practical stuff. For example, woven furniture is a huge outdoor trend right now, and it's durable so it would work in a range of spaces. However, to make sure your personality and sense of style shine through, don't hold back with cushions and accessories such as throws, candles and lights.

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