6 Ways to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Social Gatherings

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Currently, we are all in some form of restricted social gathering, so family barbeques and events have been long missed by many, but what can you do to prepare for when we are finally able to host parties again?

1. Ensure you have adequate seating

There is nothing worse than having your guests arrive at a party to find they don't have a place to sit, so they stand around awkwardly waiting for the opportune moment to take someone else's seat. This can be done by way of having additional chairs on hand, but also by trying to make sure you know the number of people arriving for your event.

2. Allow easy access to and from the table

Many people have been through the tricky situation of being sandwiched in between other guests engaged in conversation just waiting till they can make their move to get to the toilet or to get up. You can use a modular outdoor setting which allows for seats to be moved in and out and doesn't restrict your guest's ability to come and go as they please.

3. Provide a separate space for those who just want to catch up and chat

Sometimes people just want to socialise and catch up, they may not necessarily want to sit down at a table to eat. Providing a spot for these people is always a welcome idea as this will free up your table settings for those who actually require it to eat. A simple day bed or set of lounge chairs can accomplish this.

4. Clean your outdoor furniture

It is very likely that over the past few months your outdoor furniture has been somewhat neglected, it really hasn't had the need to be used. It could be covered in dust and bird poo, or the cushions could be damp and dirty. It is quite easy to think this will be fine, but it is also always a good idea to give your outdoor setting a once-over and clean it up to remove any dirt or mess and ensure your guests don't have to play musical chairs with the dirty pieces of furniture.

5. Ensure there is an appropriate shelter

It could be a bright sunny day, or it could be a miserable rainy day, either way, ensuring that you have adequate shelter from the elements is vital. If you do not have an outdoor balcony or patio, you can easily use some large outdoor umbrellas to help your guests escape the weather and focus on what is important - catching up with friends and family.

6. Make a space for drinks to be kept

Drinks being accidentally spilt by a passerby, or energetic kids eager to touch whatever they can reach is common at many family events, so ensuring you have a high-up or out-of-reach space to avoid this is vital. This can easily be accomplished with an outdoor setting that includes a coffee table or by using a height-adjustable table (bonus if it comes with an inbuilt ice bucket).

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