How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Materials that will Last

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Being able to leave your outdoor furniture out in any weather and know that it will be fine is the ultimate luxury. When you want to drink your first coffee of the day in the sun, the last thing that you want to have to do is drag all your furniture out from its safe place. So instead, the best thing to do is to is invest in good quality furniture that can withstand the extremes of Australian weather. Here are some of the materials that you will often find in outdoor furniture and how they stack up.

Outdoor furniture fabric

Fabric can be deteriorated by both sun and rain, so fabric that stays outdoors all the time needs to be durable, comfortable and practical. Fortunately, there have been some great technical developments over the years, and you can now easily find fabrics that are able to withstand the elements. Even better? They are being made to resemble cotton, linen, and other trendy furniture fabrics. This means that you can create the same sense of luxury and comfort outdoors as you can indoors and you can decorate with throw cushions, blankets, and anything else to complete the look. When you're buying separate accessories, just be aware of what is and isn't outdoor-proof.


Not all metals will work well outdoors, so your best option is powder-coated aluminium. This material is a great choice because it is lightweight, durable, and easy to move when you need to change up your outdoor setting. Because it is still metal, you may see some rusting around the joints over time, but there are many ways to combat this. Additionally, you'll want to look for UV-resistant paint to make sure that your furniture stays looking vibrant and bright.


Wood is a highly durable material that works great outside, but its one big nemesis is water damage, which can lead to expansion and splitting of the wood. It is advisable to treat wood with a moisture prevention treatment. There are many different types of woods with different range of features, such as teak, which is highly durable and produces natural oils which keep the wood in good condition.

Synthetic wicker & rattan

Many different types of outdoor furniture are made from woven materials. Rattan is a grass fibre, but because it is a natural material, it cannot be left out in the elements year-round because mould and mildew can grow. Synthetic fibres which can be woven to mimic natural wicker and rattan are much more durable. There are quality differences between different types of synthetic rattan, but most types should be resistant to sun and water, meaning you can leave it out year-round without having to worry.

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