How to Create Outdoor Luxury on a Budget

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Outdoor spaces are among the most fun spaces of your home to decorate. There are very few rules, and you can create a space that is personal to your needs as well as beautiful, and all without having to spend a fortune. Here are 5 tips for creating outdoor luxury on a budget.

1. Add flowers and plants

If you buy living plants that are hardy and can tolerate the amount of sunlight that your outdoor space gets, then they can add an instant luxurious feel, as well as making your space feel like a relaxing natural getaway. Don't skimp on the size of plants, and either buy bigger plants outright or plant infant plants in large pots so they have room to grow. Similarly, the addition of fresh-cut flowers can really transform a space and shows thought, while bringing a fresh feel. You can even buy flowers according to the season.

2. Make furniture multi-purpose

When you are working with a budget, the best thing you can do is get high-quality furniture that can work in multiple ways. For example, an outdoor lounge suite can easily serve as part of your dining seating, and you can just shuffle furniture as you need it. If you want an outdoor space that can serve as a getaway for relaxation, as well as for dining and entertaining, then having furniture that has more than one function is a great way to save without compromising on style.

3. Create color and style with throw pillows

The effect throws pillows have on bringing a space to life cannot be overstated. You can show serious personality and fun, as well as being able to easily move them around to suit the function of the space. You can go big with color or keep it neutral and natural. Whatever style you prefer, you can do it with beautiful outdoor cushions, which means you can buy timeless furniture without compromising your style.

4. Make sure your furniture is durable

The thing about the outdoors is that it can be a harsh place, especially here in Australia. There can be torrential rain, harsh sun, winds, as well as bugs and birds, and that's a lot for furniture to contend with. Pick furniture made from durable materials that can withstand the outdoors and you will be getting a lot more bang for your buck. Not only will you have to replace your furniture less frequently, but you also will spend less on cleaning and repairs, as well as not having the hassle of having to worry about bringing everything in at every slight drizzle. You can read more about durable outdoor furniture materials here.

5. Buy direct

Instead of buying furniture from a retail giant with significant overheads built into their cost, you can save big by buying from smaller online retailers. At Dreamo, we are committed to delivering high-end furniture at an unbeatable price by removing imports, wholesalers and high-end stores. We strive to create furniture that is stunning, durable, timeless, and most importantly, comfortable. So your outdoor space can feel like a retreat all year round.

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