How to Protect your Outdoor Furniture this Winter

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Outdoor furniture is designed to last and withstand harsh weather, however, it is not indestructible. The cold, rain and wind can all take a toll on your outdoor furniture, causing it to rust, damage or even fall apart. Nobody wants to have to buy replacements year after year, particularly if you have spent a lot of time, effort and funds curating your perfect outdoor retreat. Hence, with the onset of winter and harsher conditions predicted in the horizon, it is time to start thinking about how you will protect your outdoor furniture against the elements.

Today we present three simple solutions you can implement this winter to keep your outdoor furniture in top shape.

1. Clean your furniture properly

This is the most fundamental step. There's no point covering or protecting your outdoor furniture if you're not going to clean it. Dirt, grime and other particles will quickly lead to rust if left unchecked. Cleaning your outdoor furniture before winter is not optional, it is necessary.

The proper way to clean outdoor furniture will vary depending on the material. Nonetheless, you should always remove the coverings and throw them in the wash for good measure. Wooden furniture is perhaps the most prone to damage from rain and the highest-maintenance option. To avoid any breakdown in the wood, regularly apply stain or oil. Adversely, for metal outdoor furniture, simply use a gentle soap and warm water to get rid of any dirt - make sure you use a soft cloth or else you might end up with scratches. Dry thoroughly and look out for rust. If you find any, anti-rust paint may be in order. Lastly, wicker furniture will most likely just need a hose down to remove any mildew and dirt.

2. Invest in covers or tarps

The easiest way to protect outdoor furniture against the harsh Australian weather is to cover it. If you can afford it, custom covers will ensure a great, snug fit. However, simple pre-made covers or vinyl tarps will do the job just fine. These come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, with tie-down straps to hold up against even the strongest of winds.

A cover or tarp is a must-have for any outdoor furniture owner. They are not only useful against the rain and wind but also great in the summer against the sun's UV rays. They are a worthy investment that will pay off in no time!

3. Store it

If you know your winter is going to be especially harsh, or if you don't expect to use your outdoor furniture much during the winter months, why not move it inside? A shed or garage makes the perfect internal storage. We suggest you keep the covers on for extra protection against the elements— you never know when a leaky roof may cause water to drip onto your favorite table or chair.

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