5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Outdoor Space

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If you live in a city apartment, condo or urban loft, then you understand what a luxury outdoor space can be! Since people keep downsizing to smaller homes, the furniture market has become more flexible by providing modular, smaller scale and multipurpose furniture. This helps to transform your small balcony, deck, or outdoor space into a comfortable living space for relaxing alone or with friends and family.

Join us here at Dreamo as we take you through 5 tips on how to maximise your small outdoor space:

1. Choose a focal point

If you can figure out the right focal point to set your outdoor furniture around, you will maximise your limited outdoor space with ease. Selecting outdoor furniture and accessories that can fit your outside space is important but having a patio arrangement that actually fits, is more important. The bottom line is to choose the right focal point and your furniture will fit in, saving more space.

2. Select furniture with a slim profile

Since your patio is limited, you are bound to pick only outdoor furniture that is slim enough to fit and complement the space available.

Going for sofas, simple wood garden benches, loveseats, and sectionals that cover little space will create more room. If you place them flush against the walls as well as in corners, there will be more room at the center too. Whether you want the feel of your outdoor living space to be fun, classy, casual, lax or quirky, our wide-ranging selection of outdoor furniture ticks all the boxes.

3. Arrange the most extended furniture along the longest wall

You must strategise the placement of your outdoor furniture to make use of the space available, no matter how small it may be. Always ensure that the longest furniture is set along your longest wall, facing your focal point. Once this sofa or whatever type you have bought is set, you can now add the rest of the pieces of furniture and any accessories of your choice.

4. Incorporate smart storage solutions

Outdoor console tables and benches come in several designs and those with versatile use incorporate just the right amount of storage spaces and charm for a small patio. Besides, such a table can also play the role of a dining buffet, coffee, and bar table. Consider taking a look at our many smart summer classics if you need great outdoor storage options.

5. Use individual outdoor chairs

Using individual outdoor chairs is a great way to save your outdoor space. Moving outdoor dining chairs around is relatively easy. You can supplement them with cushions to enrich the look of your outdoor restaurant or home outdoor space. Besides, you can make the appearance and fun more relaxed by using rocking chairs or Adirondack chairs since they offer adequate lounging. When it comes to setting up outdoor furniture on a limited outdoor space, individual outdoor chairs provide the most versatile functionality.

The good thing with small outdoor space is that the furniture market is not indifferent to the situation. That is why at Dreamo, we sell unimaginable varieties of small space outdoor furniture designs. Now, you can browse through our high-quality outdoor furniture Australia collections to select your choice at a competitive price and experience prompt delivery.

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