Get ready for more than just your forty winks with a mattress from the Dreamo collection. Enjoy soft knitted fabrics, layers of high-density foam, luxurious quilting, individual coil systems, independent pocket springs and breathable materials all designed for cloud nine sleeping. Like many, if you’re looking to buy mattress online Australia-based, Dreamo has your sleeping style covered with a collection of soft, firm, bouncy, supportive and hypoallergenic mattresses.

We sleep for around six to eight hours each night, during which time we recharge our body and mind, conserve energy, strengthen our immune system, and process memories. Sleeping well is essential to our health and choosing a comfortable and supportive mattress will help you clock up more hours of high-quality slumber.

The best mattresses in single, double, queen and king size

Single double queen and king size mattresses…you’ll find them all at Dreamo. Whether you’re kitting out a master suite, a kids’ room or a guest room, we have a high-quality mattress that will keep you comfortable all night long. We offer mattress sizes to fit all bed frames and mattresses that provide differing levels of support to suit your sleeping style. A frequent side sleeper? You’ll want one of our medium support mattresses to relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips as you sleep. Snooze on your back? Our medium-firm mattresses cushion shoulders and the lower back whilst offering incredible support for your spine. Fall asleep on your front? Our pocket-sprung mattresses with medium or medium-firm support keep the spine aligned and all your pressure points soothed.

Luxury mattresses with innovative technology

Each mattress for sale at Dreamo is more than just a base. Our mattresses are filled with innovative technology such as 5-zone pocket spring systems that offer exceptional alignment and pressure relief, as well as enhanced 6-turn coil spring systems that are bouncy, supportive and smooth. Our premium spring mattresses also contain soft fillings and foam layers for incredible comfort that’s both cocooning and contouring.

Plush materials for a dreamy sleep

Gentle and soft to the touch, our collection of mattresses are wrapped in plush materials including fine knit fabrics and Belgian knits. All are designed for a cosy but breathable, relaxing sleep.

Hypoallergenic mattresses for a healthy sleep

Looking for a comfortable mattress with the added benefit of anti-allergy qualities? At Dreamo, you’ll find the best hypoallergenic mattresses which are crafted from dust-mite-resistant materials. Highly effective at keeping allergies, asthma and hay fever at bay, our pocket spring mattresses with hypoallergenic covers are extremely popular amongst those looking for the cleanest and freshest of sleeping environments.

From single and double to king size and queen size, each mattress for sale at Dreamo is designed to offer remarkable comfort and support all night long. Want to know more about buying a mattress online? Our customer service team are always here to help. Ready to sink your sleepy head into something sumptuous? Browse our online mattresses today.